The Scholarship information and application will automatically download to your computer by clicking on the following link. Scholarship Forms

SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: The following information is published announcing the DAV MN Chapter 7 Scholarship program. This program is provided to assist students who have demonstrated ability and desire to receive an education beyond High School. The program currently provides six (6) $1,000.00 scholarships to the winners of an open competition for high school seniors or currently enrolled students attending a university, college, or trade school, or for those planning to attend a university, college, or trade school commencing after July of each year.

ELIGIBLE SCHOLARSHIP PARTICIPANTS: To be eligible for consideration of a scholarship announced herein the student must meet the criteria listed below:

  1. Be majoring (or planning to major) in any of the trade, technical, or institutions of higher learning.
  2. Have a direct relationship to at least one of the following:
    1. A direct relative of a Veteran or active duty Military member which would include; a son, daughter, grandchild, or legally adopted children and grandchildren.
    2. A member (or deceased member) of the DAV organization or disabled Veteran (preference will be given to a MN Chapter 7 relative).
    3. An active duty or retired Military member.
    4. An honorably discharged veteran of the armed forces of the United States.
    5. If the applicant has no direct relatives in one of the above categories, but the applicant is a JROTC or CAP Cadet, they are deemed to be eligible for the scholarship.
    6. All other applicants who do not fall into one of the above 5 categories.
  1. Be enrolled, or plan to attend an institution of higher learning, technical or trade school commencing after 1 July of each year.


Each applicant wishing to be considered for a scholarship must provide the following to the scholarship committee no later than the 15th of April of the current year. Each  completed application must be accompanied with the following attachments:

    1. An unofficial transcript of the student’s scholastic records from the high school, university, college, technical or trade school which they are presently attending, or have attended.  
    2. Two letters of recommendation from adults who are familiar with the applicant, other than a parent/grandparent.  Examples of acceptable sources would be a school counselor, or a teacher/professor, or employer, or pastor.
    3. A statement of the applicant’s past year accomplishments and activities (including academic achievements, or church, community, or social) and their career educational goals.
    4. A 500-750-word essay (MLA formatted) entitled: “What is my obligation to the United States of America”.
    5. A photograph suitable for posting on our website, and in our newsletter (think class photo or passport). If not submitting by email, print name and date on the back of the photo and place the photo into an envelope with the rest of your application.

Utilization of Scholarship:

The Scholarships awarded by Chapter 7 of the MN DAV for the upcoming year, shall be utilized at an accredited institution of higher learning deemed appropriate by the scholarship committee. The monies awarded shall be paid directly to the institution of higher learning to which the recipient will attend, in the name of the recipient. The monies shall be used for tuition, books and/or fees and direct educational costs required by the institution.


Note; Applications postmarked or Emailed after the April 15th cutoff date will not be considered unless accompanied with an attached statement of mitigating circumstances/ reason for late submission!

All applications must be submitted to the Chairman of the DAV Chapter 7 Scholarship Committee at the following address:

Disabled American Veterans North Central MN Ch 7

PO Box 564

Bemidji, MN 56601

Attn: Scholarship Committee

Email; davch7@paulbunyan.net